Release notes July-August 2020

In July and August, we stayed focused on the development of ranking tables module. The development and testing is still ongoing and rankings will be released in September. In the background we have finished and submitted for testing several new features for horse owners - paying for FEI services and for temporary licences of visiting horses. Some smaller features to improve user experience have also been released. Our engineers have been working on the technological optimizations of the platform to make the system quicker on mobile phones. 

Features for show organisers

  • Developments in products section: possibility to download an Excel or CSV file with all sales and details for sales, i.e. contacts and comments, if notes are added, note icon is shown for product / service data and it is possible to open all registrations with noes to check the data. 

  • Split class functionality (with Equipe APP): The Split Class function is meant to facilitate the import of the competition results for split class. Organiser should split a class, when the number of participants exceeds that maximum number as specified in the regulations. This function works only with Equipe APP and it helps to prepare the KIPA settings for export of results. Split can be initiated after the split class function is done in Equipe APP and before export of the results. Please ensure that the split has been done correctly in Equipe before importing the results.

    There are 4 steps to follow:  
    Step 1. Split class in Equipe APP, confirm all results and distribute prize money. 
    Step 2. Split class in KIPA. The button to split class will appear when show is in LIVE or Event ended status
  • image.png
    Please note:
    - When class is split, another class with exactly same parameters will be created;
    - Add the names of the original class and of a new class exactly as they are in Equipe APP, for example, 1a and 1b. 
    image.png Step 3: Import the results from Equipe APP to KIPA as normal. 
    Step 4: Confirm results. When confirming results, confirm first the second class´s results (i.e. 1b), then confirm the class, where originally registrations were done (i.e. 1a). When confirmed the double registrations will be unregistered.
  • For prize payouts, the barcode number can be copied and pasted from the pdf. file. The total sum of prize money allocate to show is shown in the upper left corner of the prizes table. 
  • KIPA-Equipe APP sync has been improved - classes are sent to Equipe APP in the order they are shown in KIPA. 
  • On event page - schedule (classes and fees) when clicked on the number of participants in class, you will be redirected to the participants list of the respective class:  

Will be redirected to participants list:

  • Placed results are marked with the special symbol, when no prize money is allocated - it is easier to double check the number of placed in a class when confirming the results: 

Placed marking is calculated for each entry/result and is recalculated when the result is changed, i.e. resolution or the place nr.  

Features for horse owners 

  • For visiting horses, possibility to purchase a temporary licence was developed. When horse is registered to KIPA as visiting horse (not coming from HEPPA register), horse owner can pay for a temporary (C) licence. The licence is valid for 14 days, the start date can be configured when paying for a licence. Contact the SRL horses´ administrator if you would like to use this feature to compete at SRL events. 

Temporary licences are also shown in the licences history at horse´s profile and can be managed by SRL administrator (inactivate, delete, add): 

  • Support to apply for and pay for FEI services have been developed (will be taken into use in 2021 together with FEI services for athletes): 1)  possibility to pay for FEI licences in different disciplines;  2)  possibility to apply for and pay for the FEI passports services (first-time passport, passport renewal). 
    Selection of licences: 

FEI licence can be paid together with yearly licence or separately. 

To apply for FEI passport or its renewal, a small application form should be filled in: 

It will be possible to pay for all services in one transaction: 

FEI licence are also shown and recorded under the horse profile. 

These features will be tested further by SRL during autumn 2020 and taken into use in 2021 season. SRL administrators can test the features using the test environment, where the features are enabled. 

  • FEI ID and licences search added to horses page enabling to search for horses with FEI number, horses with paid licences in specific displines and horses whose FEI passport will require renewal during the current season. Filters will become operational after taking into use the FEI services´ functions in new KIPA. 

Features for SRL administrator

  • Riding school flag and search in organisations page. Riding schools are marked with a special badge on their profile and it is also possible to filter all riding schools using the special filter on organisations´ page. 

  • Function to activate and change/ disable licences for a horse. Under the horse profile (tab Licences), an SRL administrator can activate and manage temporary and annual licences for a horse:  

Administrator can select a type of a licence and for a temporary licence - activity period with default of 14 days:  

  • Suspending horses from shows. Suspension can be added and removed from horse profile - edit horse details. Administrator can also add reason for suspension. 

When suspended, a badge "Suspended" will appear on horse profile, with a tooltip indicating the reason for suspension: 

Other improvements

  • Date picker all over the system has been improved - now it is possible to type the start and end date or to pick the start and end dates from calendar: 

  • Shopping basket mobile UI view has been improved. More mobile interfaces will be updated during autumn. 
  • New translations added, including technical messages for spinners and loading-type of texts. 
  • When new front end version is released, users will see a notification when using the system asking to reload the page. This will help in taking into use the most recent version of the application. Works in desktop and mobile. 
  • Licence shop link is added to the main navigation menu. 
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