Release notes June 2020

In June, we focused on technical developments and support of the intensive use of the system during the high season. For athletes and horse owners, an option to submit a pony measurement application has been added and taken into use. Some improvements have also be done in the show management domain to make the system more transparent for the show organisers.  

Features for athletes and horse owners / administrators

Pony measurement application form released 

One more horse-related feature has been added -  possibility to submit a pony measurement application online. The full process of application management has been developed: allowing to initiate an application, add requested information, a picture or a document to accompany an application. For Federation horse administrator, a dashboard has been created, where administrator can check the application and approve or decline an application. 

The documents will be stored on the profile of a horse and will be accessible to the horse owners and/or horse administrators.

Taking into use of the pony measurement application would help improving data quality in the system, which is a prerequisite for the automatic selection of pony sections while registering to classes, where sections are in use.  

Icelandic horses´ and Western horses´ ID-s were imported to the system and prerequisites for their management created

  • Icelandic horses´ ID numbers were exported through the HEPPA sync; 
  • Western horses ID´s were added based on administrative data provided by the Western committee; a special role has been set in the System for Western Horse Administrator allowing adding and editing Western horses´ ID-s; 
  • All horses with Icelandic or Western numbers can be found from Horses database, using the Licence and Status filter:

Other horse-related features: 

  • UELN, chip number, passport number and description of a burn mark can be added to a horse profile. These data are important to manage in the System horse-related FEI applications and licences.
  • A Visiting horse marker (flag) has been added to mark the horse if it visits the country on temporary basis to participate in competitions with a foreign rider or before the horse has been registered in HEPPA register. Visiting horses would be able to purchase a temporary licence directly from the system that would allow for a one-stop-shop registration to shows for visiting horses.  

The visiting horse flag can be switched on from the horse edit form. 

Visiting horse has a blue badge on its profile. 

Features for show organisers

  • When proposing a schedule for approval, which would lead to the opening of registration, a modal explaining the show settings and limitations has been created: 

  • Csv and excel output has been added to the show Products list, allowing to get out the list from the system and manage the ordered products during the show on the spot.  
  • When showing products in product list or in registration form a total sum was added to avoid confusion on whether the base prize is inclusive or exclusive of booking fee. The user can now see the total prize for the product, including base prize and booking fee. 
  • The reason for show cancellation is now displayed as a tooltip that is used with the Cancelled status: 
  • Event Finances page - Cashier - an option to sort the list by the surname in alphabetic order has been added. 
  • Event Finances - ordering payouts to organiser account:  "funds available" feature added showing the funds available in payment processor. It takes up to 5 days for Stripe to make funds available for payout to organiser account, therefore if organiser would like to get the requested sum to its account within 1-2 days, it is recommended not to exceed the available funds margin when doing the payout request: 

  • A prize money payout csv. file extraction option added for those organisers who would like to use an accounting system to fascilitate prizes´ payout. (will be released on 30 June 2020).  

Other features and improvements:  

  • Tax Office reporting has been amended based on the Tax Office feedback regarding the 2019  reports. Income earner type is reported as 8 - athlete and income type is changed from 316 to 336.
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