Release notes 2023

Change log will be updated on the ongoing basis. In the first part of 2023 the priority will be given to FEI entry system integration. 

December 2023

Improvements to Event Finances reporting

  • In the Financial statement for organizer, choice to add or remove prize money and fees that are marked as paid outside KIPA, added.
  • In external payments report, the calculations of amounts are made responsive to the entry´s status.

December 2023


New entries´ import added: special excel file for international events entries import - it is in English and ready to be send out to OC-s for disciplines that are not using the entry system.

November 2023

Improvements to events´ management

The following functionalities upgraded or added:

  • Event - Masterlist - new csv. format for import of entries - format allowing "flat" import of entries (each entry is on separate line). To retrieve the file: Event - Masterlist - Import entries - Entries CSV format. Currently available in Jumping, Dressage, Endurance, Eventing, Driving, Western. Other disciplines will be added soon.

  • Admins can now change competition settings also when schedule is approved and entries are ongoing, including competition level (club, regional, national etc) and difficulty level (100 cm, 115cm, 120cm etc). These settings can be changed by users that have permissions to approve the schedule. When changed, the recalculation of ranking points and qualifications will be triggered.
  • Feature to set up a date, when event with approved schedule will be open for entries. In the event edit form it is possible to set up the date for opening of registration. When date is set, the button Register will appear at this date, provided that the schedule is approved. 

    The riders will see the full schedule and that it is approved, but opening for entries is postponed and the date, when the event will be open for entries:

  • E-mail of person responsible for entries (entered by....) is made available in masterlist - this will simplify sending an e-mail to this person by organizers. When clicked, an e-mail will be initiated via the mailing programme of user. There is a copy button on the right to copy and paste the e-mail. The e-mail will only be visible to users with permissions to see it. 

September 2023

Improvements in horses´ management

The following functionalities added or upgraded:

  • New parameters introduced to the horse´s data model, such as color, studbook, ID document issuing body allowing full compliance with the FEI data model for horses
  • Internal comments are brought to the horse´s profile for administrators to be able to see, add and edit comments
  • Ability to send horse´s data to FEI database via API created - this will allow prefilling horse´s data in FEI database and issuing the FEI ID - available only for admins.

August 2023

New feature

Automatic tracking of debts in shopping baskets and suspending debtors from competitions

The feature of tracking of debts balances tracks debts´ balances based on payment deadlines and not paid fees in users´ shopping baskets and imposes an immediate block for new entries in entry form. User can see the badge "suspended (debts)" on his/her profile. After debts are paid, the suspension will be lifted automatically. For debts outside of KIPA, federation can record debt balance manually either using the debts balances feature or the sanctions and suspensions feature.

Tracking has two options:

  • automatic - debts balance (sum of all debts) calculated automatically based on shopping basket of a person;
  • manual - KIPA admin can specify and edit amount of debts, organisation that user has debts to, add comment visible for user and internal comment. Manual debt balances can be used, when person has debts to SRL or event organisers outside KIPA that cannot be tracked through shopping basket, for example, debt is based on an invoice.

Automatic debt balances are recalculated after every transaction. When user pays online via shopping basket, suspension will be lifted. Debts information is sent to Equipe APP, when athlete is added as late entry via API. After debts are paid, the history of debt balances´ changes is not displayed.

In the person´s shopping basket, user will see Debts tab with description of debts. If administrator has added a note for user, user will be able to read it.

August 2023

Improvements in user data management

  • In Shopping Basket, Payments and Payouts (Prizes and Refunds) split into two tabs, to improve the user experience, when searching for transactions. Search by organiser name and name of event is enabled to allow finding payments and payouts to concrete organizers and events.
  • Add/edit user profile information the following fields added:
    • comment fields for E-mail and Phone number added for users to be able to add notes regarding use of e-mail or phone number.
    • Website field, if filled in, will be displayed on person profile. Can be used by service providers, for example, trainers, to record their website address.
    • Internal note field - can be used by KIPA admins to add notes on user account.

July 2023

Update of prize money data collection and calculations of tax withholding

Main principle for data collection:

  • Prize money details collected per athlete/horse combination for a competition: possible to specify different prize money receiver for different horses in one show, but not for every entry.
  • The following data is collected:
    • For natural person: first name, last name, HETU (or other countries´ identifier for a natural person), country of registration (default is Finland), IBAN, tax %, tax card and tax card expiration date;
    • For legal person: name, registry ID, country of registration, IBAN, confirmation that organisation has valid tax prepayment registry registration.
  • Data quality controls and format validations are implemented for the following fields:
    • Finnish natural person ID
    • Finnish legal person ID
    • IBAN (all countries)
  • Athlete can change prize money receiver details from entry form until show is ended (there will be an Edit button allowing reviewing and changing prize money receiver´s details).
  • Athlete can specify a default contact (legal entity) for prize money (can be only one, not for every horse). For late entries (will come from scoring system) this legal entity will be used automatically. Athlete can always add a new legal entity and save it under his/her contacts.
  • If late entry was done and prize money receiver´s contacts are not known, athlete will get an e-mail with a link to entry form to specify the prize money contact.

Generating prize money report (organizer´s function):

  • Due to the need to group payouts and calculate income tax percentage based on the registry ID of prize money receiver, all prize money receivers should be entered to the system before report is generated. The organizer will get an overview of entry forms with missing data from Event Finances - Prizes tab. The compulsory data to be filled in: first name and last name (or name of organisation), HETU or registry ID for organisation, country of registration and IBAN.
  • When report is generated, the tax free amount of 100 EUR per show per prize money receiver rule will be applied automatically.
  • Income tax withholding is done by deducting tax-free amount from the amount of prize money allocated and applying tax percentage specified by user. If tax percentage is not specified, the default is 60%.
  • The sums of income tax and payout to prize money receiver can be changed by organizer and note added for further reference. After correction, the payout forms will be updated.
  • The calculations of taxes are also added to the excel / csv export files.

NB! Automated tax office report has not been changed:

  • KIPA reports only total amount of winnings allocated to prize money receiver, provided he/she is a natural person registered in Finland. For foreigners, reporting should be done externally based on Finnish laws and regulations.
  • Amounts of tax withholdings as well as costs deducted should be reported by organizer outside KIPA.

July 2023

Full roll-out of integration with FEI Entry System

Entries and changes to FEI entries via KIPA

  • Possibility to make entry from KIPA - draft entry will be reviewed by SRL and either approved to be put to waiting list for OC approval, rejected or put to reserve list.
  • Function to delete and withdraw FEI entry
  • Possibility to change category within one show, during the period, when show is open for entries
  • Option to choose and change bedding for your horse
  • Option to add and change note for OC regarding horse´s stabling, electricity etc
  • Possibility to choose horse for a slot, when entry was initially done with a horse slot (Jumping)

Check Help section for instructional videos on how these functions work via KIPA:

Visitors of KIPA system can follow entries and their statuses via:

  • for athletes: profile page - Upcoming tab - athletes can follow their future entries to FEI events, including changes of statuses;
  • for sport enthusiast: Calendar - Event page - Participants list.

To find events, where there are accepted FEI entries:

  • Open additional filters in Calendar - select "International", remove Finland from countries filters and select "has accepted entries" from the Has Entries filter:

  • To check the list of participants, access Event Schedule - > Participants page

June 2023

Improvement: Event Finances - Cashier

Filters performance, for example, searching for people with not paid entries, products or not paid out returns, has improved significantly after the technical maintenance and optimization.

June 2023

Small update of organizations' page

  • Only active organizations will be displayed as default.
  • Location added to see the municipality and index of organization.
  • In Search by keyword, search by municipality and index is enabled.
  • Registry code or internal identifier added to Membership data.
  • For organisation, additional fields added in organisation form, such as web page address, date, when organisation was founded, and country, where organisation is officially registered.

May 2023

Update of notifications´ module (technical)

Enables notifications based on FEI system integration.

May 2023


New filter and search possibility in Masterlist:

May 2023

New feature

Possibility for Tuomariston puheenjohtaja to add records for sanctions and suspensions via event Reports and for SRL administrators to approve or discard proposed sanctions

TPJ-s will have an access to the Reports page from the show page:

Access to Reports section from Event page

On this page, TPJ will have a brief overview on the statistics of participation in a show, also the list of officials. TPJ can check, if all officials are added and add missing people. There is also a Sanctions section, where TPJ can propose new sanctions in relation to the event:

Sanctions section

When adding a suspension to a horse or athlete, TPJ can only select an athlete or horse from the Masterlist of this event and the status of the sanction will be "not approved" as it should be reviewed and approved by SRL to become effective:

Example of not approved sanction

Sanctions recorded by TPJ will be visible under the sanctions interface in Backoffice and SRL admin can review and approve them or decline, also make changes, if needed:


After sanction is approved, it will become effective.

May 2023

FEI integration: improvement

Correct number of starts added for the results imported from FEI web services:

May 2023

UI improvement

Mobile version of the Upcoming competitions tab under rider and horse profile improved:

April 2023

Improvements and small changes

  • Disabled cups removed from add/edit event form. Only active cups can be added to event.
  • Rankings and qualifications module updated based on 2023 changes.
  • Vaccinations validity (horse allowed to compete after vaccine administration) changed from 7 to 8 days rule for national vaccinations course.

April 2023

New feature: saving and reusing contacts for receipts

We have added a feature for riders to start saving and reusing the contacts for receipts. When filling in the contact information for the payment, it is possible to choose to save the contact for the future and select if the contact should be a default for receipts in the future.

When changing contacts for a receipt, before payment is done, select if contact should be saved for future use and if contact should be set as default for receipts.

To manage contacts, go to your Profile -> Contacts tab

All saved contacts will appear under this tab. It is possible to edit and delete contacts or add new contacts. There are separate forms for persons and organizations.

March 2023

New feature

Find quickly validations errors for entries in Masterlist

For some shows, many entries are done in Equipe APP, where there are no automatic checks for licences, horse and athlete age or pony measurements. New feature will help organizers and technical committee members to get a quick overview of problematic entries in Masterlist. 

In Masterlist, click on "Validate entries":

February 2023

New feature

New Calendar filters introduced to help finding the correct events and improve user experience after FEI integration for results was rolled out 

Four new filters added: 

1. "Country" - possible to search for the country, where event takes place. Multiselect filter. Default is always Finland. Finlandshould be removed if user is looking for international events with results in the past. Will be helpful, when entries to FEI events that take place in foreign countries will be introduced to KIPA. 

2. "Find event..." - filter helps finding events that have competitions marked as championships, team events and events marked as important (star events). 

3. "Find quickly" - helps filtering events that will be closing for public entries soon (today + 2 days) and events recently open for entries (2 days ago). 

4. "Has entries" - filter helps finding events with entries and in the future will be helpful to find out, in which FEI events the Norwegian riders will be planning to participate (after sync with FEI entry system will be activated).

February 2023


Add/edit staff under event - official´s qualification check logic improved. When adding official to the past event, the check will be based on the qualifications valid for the moment of the event, not currently. For the future events, validity of qualifications is based on the currently valid qualifications. 

February 2023

New feature

Limit for the max number of horses per athlete

New type of limit released allowing organizers to limit the number of horses per athlete. Limit can be applied to a whole event, day, group of competitions or a competition. When limit set, the entry form will check how many horses the rider has already entered and prevent submitting more horses than allowed. 

This limit can be used for setting up registration classes for international events, when OC has set the limit in the FEI entry system as well as for higher level events, where according to regulations athletes can take limited number of horses. 

January 2023

Improvement - adding cups to competition

Based on feedback from users, when competition is created there is a possibility to add the cup season that is active currently or the cup season that will be open next (from the next year). This will ensure that schedules can be published as soon as possible for cups starting in the beginning of the season. 

January 2023


Format control added to the stable number, when booking a a box (karsina). The format is defined as FI+12 digits and is checked, when user selects a Karsina product. Adding the stable number from where horse is coming to competition venue and where the horse will be going after competition is compulsory. 

January 2023


FEI annual registrations are made available for horses marked as "visiting" (not registered in the HEPPA register and are competing abroad). Temporary licence option for horses was removed from the licence shop. 

January 2023


Colour code and tooltip added to Masterlist and Athlete / Horse Upcoming events overview to entries: 

- Confirmed entries and entries that have results (participated) are shown in green colour and a tooltip added indicating that this entry is confirmed. 

- No show entries are shown in red colour: 

January 2023

FEI integrations

All 2022 results have been imported successfully from FEI database to KIPA.

FEI ID-s for athletes and horses are used to match athletes and horses in FEI database and bring the results to KIPA. 

On horse profile, showing the FEI ID and annual FEI registration has been improved

- When horse has a valid annual registration, it is shown as a green badge indicating the discipline and year: 

- When horse doesn´t have a valid annual FEI registration, the last registration is shown as a grey badge indicating the discipline and the last year, when horse had registration open

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