Release notes September-December 2022

In September and fourth quarter of 2022, and Education events calendar and automatic sync of results from FEI web services were released. These features will be taken into use in 2023. Work started on integration with FEI Entry System to enable entries and withdrawals of entries from KIPA. 

New features

  • SRL system administrators can change payer for registration. 
    This option was requested due to the need to forward payables for late entries to the guardians´ shopping baskets or to correct payers for late entries if they were marked wrongly in Equipe APP. 
  • Technical solution developed (not taken into use, preparations ongoing) to collect administrative reports from officials (judges, stewards, technical delegates) in shows after show ended.
  • Possibility to start collecting payments for FEI horse´s annual registrations already in November-December of the previous year. 
  • New filter added allowing searching for people in KIPA database with FEI registrations. FEI registrations (FEI IDs) will become necessary to start importing FEI results from FEI database to KIPA to have the complete history of participation in sports, including both FEI and national results. Possibility to use FEI ID in People´s search general search field also added.
  • Three new features added to products management (custom fields section). For each product, organizer can specify custom fields - additional questions to be answered or selections done, when product is booked. To improve data quality of user´s answers, the following features have been released: 
    • Adding a hint or explanatory text to additional questions that will be showed in registration form, when product is selected by user;
    • Specifying if answering the questions or making a selection is mandatory, when booking a product. Can be used to collect consents and/or to ask for choice of type, quality or any other dimensions of products;
    • Changing order of custom fields after custom fields are added under the product. 
  • General capability developed to:
    - import competition results from FEI database in all FEI disciplines;
    - open yearly FEI registrations for horses and people from KIPA (for administrators); 
    - sync FEI calendar in all FEI disciplines to KIPA (based on SRL selection of host countries).
    * NB! Features´ release scheduled for 2023
  • Education events calendar, event page, entry process etc developed (going live is planned for 2023):

KIPA users can register to educational events, pay for registrations and additional products. Administrators of events can set up an event, add information, programme, files, specify contact person, open registration, collect registrations with payments or using an option of external payments. When registering to events, adding a horse is not required. In 2023, after launch, the new module will be developed further and new features added. 

Improvements to previously released features

  • New data fields added to excel export of entries from Masterlist: 
    - horse registration number, 
    - horse FEI number,
    - athlete city, postal code and address
    - athlete´s club - full name
  • Person profile - Shopping basket - Payments history: new filter to search transactions by category added, allowing search for payments, payouts of returns and prize money payouts registered in the system. 
  • The number of letters allowed for Alert text in show increased to 300.
  • In show Finances - Payments: possibility to check the data, when payment will be available in Stripe.

Organizers can check, when payment will be available for payout in Stripe, by clicking on additional information button in payment´s list: 

This date is useful to check, when organizer orders a payout from Stripe to organizer´s bank account. If organizer would like to get money quicker, the sum of payout should only cover payments that already available in Stripe. 

  • Horse movement register report released for SRL use.
  • Adding stable numbers, when booking boxes is made compulsory. Starting from 2023, the check of the format (FI+12 digits) will be introduced to ensure data correctness.
  • File preview added to horse´s applications features, for example, pony measurements application.

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