Release notes August 2022

In August, two large new features were released: additional settings for limiting number of entries and athletes for the whole event, for a day and group of competitions and a feature for Federation to refund direct payments for licences and application fees from KIPA.

For Organisers

1. New settings to regulate maximum number of entries and athletes introduced

In addition to max number of entries for competition, competition day and product, the following new settings have been released: 

  • max number of entries for the whole event
  • max number of unique athletes for the whole event
  • max number of athletes for competition day
  • max number of entries for group of competitions selected by organizer
  • max number of unique athletes for group of competitions selected by organizer

New settings cover the following cases in managing registrations: 

  • maximum number of athletes can be used for setting up pre-registration to international events or in some cases for very popular national events (limitations of max number of horses per athlete is scheduled for development as a complementary feature); 
  • maximum number of entries for group of competitions can help in regulating registration process for competitions, where there is a limited availability of judges and judges are expected to judge only a certain amount of combinations at certain level. For example, in Dressage, there can be several classes open to different categories of ponies or for different categories of riders, i.e. children, pony riders and juniors. With this feature, there can be a general limit set for the sum of entries to these classes;
  • organizer can also use the group of competitions feature to regulate the use of competition arenas. For example, if there are two arenas in use for a Jumping show and all classes are divided between two arenas, organizer can set up limitations in a way that the classes on the 1st arena will accept together 100 entries and on the 2nd arena - another 100 entries. This would help in regulating registrations to very popular events and prevent overbooking of certain arenas.

Activating settings:

  • max number of entries and unique athletes for the whole event can be activated from the event edit form, when setting up a show, or from a Dashboard or Schedule: 
    • In event edit form - the limits are under General settings after the Discipline and Competition level; 
    • In Dashboard and Schedule, the limits can be set up from Registration rules and limits section (located after the competitions / before the Products and services):

  • max number of entries and athletes for group of competitions can be set up from Registration rules and limits section (located after the competitions / before the Products and services)
    • first select group of competitions - for example, classes 1, 2, 3 - the limit of entries or athletes will be effective for the sum of entries in the selected competitions;
    • set up limits, please note entries and athletes can be set up together or separately.

  • max number of athletes for competition day can be set up from the limits module for the respectful competition day from Schedule or Dashboard: 

Display of max limits settings and automatic validations:

  • when whole event or group of competitions max limits are set, users of the system will get a notification informing about the limits and number of free places left open for registration or number of participants (for unique athletes´ setting) that can still be registered to event:

  • competition day´s max limits and class limits will be displayed in schedule and registration form as usually
  • there are automatic controls of limits in registration form and in shopping basket:
    • only confirmed registrations are counted into the limits;
      • for competitions and products, where online payments are required for registration, registration is considered as confirmed after the payment is done;
      • for competitions set up to be paid outside the system, the registration is confirmed straight after registration form is completed and submitted.
    • controls are dynamic and will allow changing already registered classes if registration was paid and confirmed;
    • controls also take simultaneously into account different types of limits set;
    • if limits have been reached, athletes will also be prevented from paying for entries added to shopping basket.

2. Quick access for event organisers to add/edit contact details

Edit button from Schedule - Contacts and Officials - will redirect users to the event add/edit form allowing adding and changing organizer´s contacts. After saving contact data user will be redirected back to the Contacts and Officials page in schedule. 

For Federation

1. Refunding direct payments for horses´ applications and licences 

All direct payments for applications and licenses can be refunded from KIPA. Additional feature allows refunding payments, when declining an application. After refunding, Stripe would refund payment to the card from where it was paid. There is a time limit of 2 months starting from the payment date, when refund can be made via KIPA. If there were several payables in one payment, i.e. FEI licence and annual licence for several horses, it is possible to return money only for one or for several product. The payment will be refunded partially. 

2. Notification for SRL officials set up to notify SRL, when important event with nationally organized cups is cancelled by organizer

An official who accepted event to calendar and official who opened registration (if registration was open before cancellation) will get an automatic notification through KIPA, when event is cancelled.

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