Release notes May-June 2022

In May and June, we focused on the project to get Educational events to KIPA. Educational events will have their own calendar and registration form with only products and services and option to register to event without a horse. Some essential features have been released to cover the basic functionalities and these features can already be used in the show calendar and competitions - products´ features, such as clone, lock, cancel a product, limiting number of products per registration, adding special payment / booking date for a product and many others. To roll-out the Educational events features, the project will continue during the summer months. 

For organisers

1. Products and services added to event Dashboard

In the Dashboard, organizer can find basic statistics on not confirmed bookings per product, confirmed bookings, total prices for not confirmed and confirmed products and cancelled product (cancellations that are done after registration deadline). 

There are also basic functions, such as clone, edit, lock booking, cancel product, delete and set max limit, available for each product. 

2. Clone product function added

As setting a product is more complex with adding a possibility to start collecting additional information from athletes during registration, we decided to add a Clone product option to make setting up of a show quicker and setting up products more efficient. It is possible to clone products both from Schedule (Classes and fees) and from the Dashboard. 

3. Option to close product for public booking

During the time, when registration for a show is open, organiser can close public booking of a product or service. Closing booking will stop both new bookings and payments for already booked products in shopping baskets. 

NB! Closing bookings and payments works only when show has registration ongoing! After the registration deadline, when registration is ended, the organiser has still the possibility to add products to registrations and athletes would have the possibility to pay for shopping baskets. 

To close product for public booking, go to Dashboard and press on "Lock" under the Actions. 

There is also an option to select all products in one category and close or open public registration at once. 

4. Cancel product feature released

If organizer needs to cancel product, for example, if it is no longer possible to offer the product or service because of emergency or any other circumstances, it is possible to use the function Cancel Product. This function will: 

- unregister all paid and not paid products;
- return all fees for already paid products (all paid sums will be put to returns account of the show);
- close registration for this product - the product will remain visible with the sign that it is not available any more. 

To cancel product, go to Dashboard, find the product from the products list and initiate cancellation from the Actions menu. 

Please note, cancellation of a product is not reversible. If product is cancelled, when show is open for public registrations, paid fees will be returned to payers next day. 

5. Possibility to add to product earlier booking / payment end date

For products, organiser can specify a registration end date different from the show provided that it is earlier than the registration deadline for a show. This enables to end registration for certain products earlier. All not paid products (if payment is requested) will be unregistered after the deadline. If the registration deadline is left blank - the deadline will be the same as for the whole show. 

Use add / edit product form to add earlier registration end date: 

6. Adding custom fields to collect additional information from riders when they book products

This feature allows organizer to set up additional fields for users to fill in, when booking a product. This can be a question, for example, the number plate of a car for booking electricity or a checkbox with a single or multiple choices. There are also options to use dropdowns with a single or multiple choice. The feature works very similar to the form builders for surveys. As soon as additional fields are configured, the riders would see the fields in their registration forms and can start filling in the information requested. 

How to add additional questions to a product?

1. In the add/ edit product form click on "Ask for additional information" and then Add button: 

2. Add question text and select field type

For field types that have multiple possible answers, for example, multiple checkboxes or choice with radio buttons, enter all possible choices by typing a possible answer and pressing enter. Enter all possible answers in the order you would like them to show to users:

NB! You can delete and edit the questions before there are at least one booking.

Products with additional questions will be marked with a special icon:

3. Riders can start answering questions, when booking the product: 

4. Organizer can see answers from the products´ list and from the excel file download of the products:

In the excel file, for each product with custom fields set, there will be a special tab and all questions / possible answers presented in the separate columns. We are working on getting the answers to Equipe APP to sync them in the products´ lists.

7. Limiting number of products to book or sell per registration 

An option to limit max number of products a user can book per registration introduced. It can be used, for example, in case of limited supply of products (boxes or electricity).

Setting the limit for booking /purchase of product per registration is under Booking settings in add / edit product form. Please note that 0 means no limit.

User, when booking a product with restrictions, will see the limit and based on the number of allowed bookings, the restriction will apply in the registration form. 

8. Default custom fields and limiting number of products for Karsina products

When organizer selects Karsina as a product for booking or paying for in KIPA, automatically two additional questions will be added to registration form and max number of products per registration will be set to 1. With these settings, the data needed to track the horses´ movement between stables will be collected and stored in KIPA for reporting. It is important that max nr of Karsina products is 1 per registration as this allows collecting data per each horse staying in the stable. 

9. Small changes in Equipe APP results export to KIPA

Based on configurations / settings for SRL in Equipe APP, all classes, including classes with no single positive results (all entries marked as changed, withdrawn or no show) are now synced to KIPA. This reduces manual work of organizers in publishing results in KIPA and mistakes.

10. New fields added to products Excel and csv. export files

The export files include the gender of a horse, all custom fields for products with answers, description of a product and full details for a price, incl booking fee and total. 

11. Add/edit product form restructured

Add or edit product form opens now as a page (previously it was a modal) and is better structured. Sub-heading added for more clarity on the functions configured in the form. The form is also more mobile friendly for users. 

12. Driving improvements

When setting up a Driving class, new parameters added under the Dressage arena size and Cones arena size (20X60 and "undefined") and types of ground (fabric, grass and gravel).

13. Cloning of a show: GPS coordinates for a show venue and contact information for a show are copied, when show is cloned

This small improvement will help organizers safe time, when setting up a show. 

14. Allowing booking products without any class / entry selected 

Users can now also register and pay for products without any classes selected. This improvement would cover the use case, when organiser needs to collect meeting fees and cup fees and payment should be done for pair without registering or paying for classes. 

For Federation

1.  In qualification´s module, necessary features developed to start calculating Eventing qualifications. Eventing qualifications were configured, tested and rolled out. 

2.  Override function added to qualification´s module. This function is meant for Federation´s administration and can be used to override the calculated qualifications. It is possible to change the status of qualification based on the administrative decisions, for example, mark qualification as fulfilled or not fulfilled although the results in the system do not confirm this. 

3.  For Federation: several new configurations introduced that can be done at Federation level to improve the quality of the schedules

- General provisions´ templates can be set up for organizers per discipline and competitions level. For example, if discipline committee would like to have specific references to regulations or special chapter to be filled in by organizer.
- For products´ categories (i.e. stabling services, hay, electricity etc), it is possible to set up standard custom fields and default value for registrations per product.

4. People / horse profile - results - a new feature added allowing tracking in the extended view for result, if result is a qualifying result. For example, corresponds to MER criteria. If results is used as qualifying for at least one qualification, it is marked as fulfilling qualification criteria. 

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