Release notes April 2022

Based on the roadmap, the sanctions and suspensions feature was released for federation use as well as administrative class and product deadline feature for organisers. New reports were made available for athletes. 

For Federation

A full solution for managing suspensions and sanctions released. 

The following features introduced: 

1. Federation administrators can define sanctions, including specify the effect of a sanction, i.e. not allowed to compete. 
2. Federation administrators can define reasons for issuing a sanction, based on the regulations. 

3. When issuing a sanction for a horse or user, it is possible to specify the type of a sanction, reasons (one or several), start date, end date, add the visible comments or internal comments, and specify the show, person or horse that is related to this sanction. For example, it is possible to link sanction on vaccinations to concrete event, where vaccinations were checked. 

4. Administrator can issue, approve or decline a sanction.

5. In the system, there is a search interface with the list of sanctions and history of activities. 

A support for two rules of pony measurement expiration introduced

Ponies birth birth year before 2012 and 2012 has valid certificate based on 7 years rule. Ponies born on 2013 and further has valid certificate based on 8 years rule. 

An option to add a comment, when ordering an FEI licence added

When person is purchasing an FEI licence, it is possible to add a comment to a comment field, for example, when there is a need to specify the name of a trainer in Endurance or add the FEI number for reference. This comment will be visible for administrator, when approving and managing the licences. 

Option to clone ranking points chart rules and transition to updated ranking points rules since 1st of January 2022

An option to clone ranking points chart rules in backoffice introduced enabling quicker set up of updated ranking points charts. 

When cloned, an old rule will be terminated and a new rule activated. All points for 2022 shows are calculated based on updated rules that are in effect starting from the 1st of January 2022. For shows before 1.01.2022, old rule will remain active.

For organisers

Administrative- non-competition type of class introduced to collect registrations without collecting fees and record the results for fetched classes from Equipe APP

- When marked as administrative class, the fees cannot be collected, including SRL fees, starting and registration fees.
- The class doesn´t also give rankings or qualifications (as configure in rules). 
- The class can be sent to Equipe APP and results received back from Equipe APP.
- When results come from Equipe APP and in Equipe APP this is a class with fetched results, the organiser can mark the class as administrative after accepting it to the system. 

Use cases: 
- complex ranking classes for championships;
- complex ranking classes for different cups and series, if organised over one show;
- registration classes for classes in international shows, where there is a need to collect registrations for national classes with fees and for international classes without fees.

An option to add stable number for product bookings added

Based on regulations, a stable number can be added to boxes´ bookings. When Karsina is selected as type of a product, the number field will appear in the product add/edit form under the name of the product. This number will be shown in schedule, in Products masterlist as well as in the excel format for products list export. 

Small improvements done in financial dashboard for event

- For print out of the financial summary, the name of the event, organizer and dates added;
- The logic of how the paid out / not paid out SRL fees shown changed - paid out are those fees that have been paid out to SRL account after the show finances have been closed. Not paid out are collected fees that are on the event´s balance waiting to be paid out to federation. 

Other changes

- A small change done in filter on athletes´ and horses´ profile page and in shopping basket -> payment history - by default all results or payments records are shown, without filtering the current year. 

- For user, a financial report over all years, made available from Shopping Basket. The dashboard sums up revenues / expenses for shows and clinics, as well as prize money reported through the system. Data is presented per season and competition pair.

- On person and horse profiles, reports on participation in shows, results and prize money published. Report includes basic statistics on number of starts, placed results and prize money by seasons and disciplines.

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