Release notes January 2022

In January, we focused on reporting and administrative features. The work on suspensions and sanctions module has been started. 


In results list, on athlete´s and horse´s profile - the number of participants in a class is also shown together with the rank. 

The upper number - the rank achieved by the pair. The second number is the number of participants in the class. 

For Federation and organisers

1. New filter allowing to search for people with paid licences for specific year added under People register as well as to club´s Members list under the organisation´s profile

The filter works together with Licence category filter. It is possible to filter all people who have had certain licence category for specific year. 

2. A restriction added to purchasing of the FEI licence. It is restricted only to horses with FEI number added to the system. This helps avoiding misunderstandings in selling the FEI licence to horses that actually do not need this type of licence. 

3. A restriction added to purchasing the athletes´ licences - an additional check for the payments of the club membership fees has been activated. 

For organisers

1. Support to the EU regulation entitling collecting the stable number when offering the stabling services. 

When organiser is selling stabling services, i.e. boxes during the show or clinics, an option to add the stabling number added. The number will be shown also in products´ list and added to excel export file from Products list. By adding the stabling number, organiser would comply with the respective regulations. 

2. Four new reports have been been prepared for organisers and is currently under the review by SRL to make them available for use of organisers. 

Reports will be accessible for organisation´s show organisers (people with specific roles ). Reports will be accessible from the Report tab under the organisation´s profile: 

The list of prepared reports: 

- Organiser´s report (events, classes, starts) - report with basic statistics on shows, classes, starts
- Organiser´s payouts report - Dashboard contains data on payouts from organiser´s Stripe account to organiser´s IBAN and SRL account.
- Organiser´s operations: events - Operational dashboard to monitor shows´ management, publishing to calendar, opening registration, publishing results.
- Organiser´s operations: payments and finances - Dashboard contains data on debtors, not paid out returns and prize money not reported to tax office.

Feedback to reports is welcome and much appreciated  - we can add new datato reports and new reports upon request from organisers. 

For Federation

Two new reports prepared and released for SRL use: 

- Executive financial summary - bringing together all income, including licence shop, 3 EUR payments, cup fees and income from shows organised by SRL. 

- Athletes participation in sports by age groups - in addition to statistics on athletes participation in sports by region, licence category and other parameters, age groups´ report was added.

Other developments

1. UI improvements to banners´ management interface for federation have been released, including hiding inactive banners and improving the interface showing banners.

2. A new ability released enabling configuring and publishing reports for organisers / clubs, athletes as well as horses. The permission´s module updated during this development to allow restricting access to report and data based on the role of the user in the KIPA system. 

The design of the reports for athletes, horses and also financial reports for athletes has been started. The first prototypes of the reports will be released soon. 

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