Release notes October 2021

In October, we have continued working on the requests of the SRL Office regarding various features in KIPA. One of the most significant features is the improvement in Delegations, please check below for more details.
We have started revision of the financial reports for users and for organisers. Updated reports will be released in November. 

Overview of released features 

1. Delegations feature has been updated. 

It is now possible to grant via delegation also a full access to the user´s account and shopping basket.

When granting a delegation right, there is a possibility to choose if the delegation applies only to registration or full rights to account would be granted. Full rights to account means also access to shopping basket and possibility to pay for the user´s items in shopping basket. 

If there is already delegation granted with only registration to shows scope, the user would need to remove it and then add the full rights delegation (if needed). 

By default, all previous delegations in KIPA are "can only register to shows" type of delegations. 

2. Grand Prix parameter introduced for Jumping classes

Grand Prix parameter would allow filtering and doing statistics on GP classes in Jumping. 

3. Accessibility (WCAG) improvements have been released

Accessibility has been tested with screen readers. Based on testing, several improvements implemented covering the basic navigation flows. 

4.  Prize payout checklist section have been updated to inform the organisers on the essence of this functionality, including current limitations - the prizes are not payed out through the system. The translation to Finnish is needed, but the functionality has already been released. 

5. Masking function applied to showing the club number to users

All users that do not have full system administrators roles, but still would need to identify if the user is correct, the licence number is shown in masked format, only 2 digits are exposed: 

6. Showing results-based qualifications in mobile improved

7. In user´s shopping basket - payment history tab, the payouts of refunds and also prize money payouts are now shown on a grey background to indicate to users that this is not a payments, but a different type of transaction. 

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