Release notes September 2021

In September, we have worked on the requests of the SRL Office regarding various features in KIPA. Still some new functional improvements have been introduced. 

Major changes 

1. Deprecation of the vaccinations functionality for users

NB! Starting from September, there is no possibility to add and edit horses´ vaccinations data.
Only vaccinations from HEPPA are accepted and used as basis for calculations of the vaccinations´ validity. 

2. Only logged in users can use Licence shop to purchase the person´s licences

Not logged in user will be asked to log in, when starting purchasing a licence for a person.
User can only purchase a licence for her/himself and persons with delegations. It is not possible any more to purchase licences for other people. 

Features for show organizers

1. Automatic e-mail report is sent out to organizer after transferring the results from Equipe APP to KIPA 

A report will be sent next morning after the export of the results to the organizer´s representatives responsible for the show (persons who proposed show schedule to calendar and worked with results). 

The report presents the following information: 

- date and time of last export;
- status of the show;
- number of confirmed results;
- number of validation errors (if any) and data on errors as well as how to solve them; 
- number of unclear entries (if any) and how to solve such cases; - data on missing classes, i.e. classes added in Equipe APP that are not present in KIPA and how to solve. 

2. Vaulting results format updated

A possibility to show the detailed Vaulting results protocol added. The results are shown dynamically, when A, B, C or D scores are added in results protocol, they also will be visible under the results. When data is missing, the respective columns will not be shown. 

Example of detailed Vaulting results: 

Example of normal Vaulting results: 

3. Printing out and exporting Balance report in show´s Finances 

A possibility to print out and export balance´s reports data to excel or csv. has been added. 

Print option has also been added to the financial dashboard:

4. Sorting and finding participants by club name 

On show profile page - Schedule - Participants (participants view as a list) a possibility of  sorting the participants by club has been added, allowing to find participants from the same club and looking at what will be the classes that they are going to participate in. There is also a filter Club added, to look for participants from one or several clubs. This is a multi-select filter.

5. Organiser can change the registration end date by moving it to the future, when show is in registration open and registration closed status. 

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