Release notes August 2021

In August, we several important improvements to the existing features have been introduced, including adding APPLE PAY and GOOGLE PAY as alternative payment methods as well as refining some of the features connected to the automatic export of results. 

For athletes

1. APPLE PAY and GOOGLE PAY supported as payment methods 

We started to offer APPLE PAY and GOOGLE PAY for clients that have APPLE PAY and GOOGLE PAY activated on their devices in addition to an option to pay with a card. Please check with your bank the options to use APPLE or GOOGLE PAY if you wish to try paying for licences and registrations using these methods.

Examples of banks that support APPLE PAY in Finland: 

  • Aktia
  • American Express
  • Danske Bank
  • Komplett Bank
  • Monese
  • N26
  • Nordea
  • Oma Savings Bank Plc
  • OP
  • Paysera
  • Resurs Bank
  • Revolut
  • Saastopankki
  • ST1
  • Wise

For Google PAY in Finland, please check:

2. Daily payouts of returns for unregistered entries are turned ON

Automatic payouts of returns for unregistered (cancelled)  entries and products activated and taken into use. The payouts are scheduled for next day (around 04:00 in the morning) after money has been put to returns account, i.e. after person has cancelled the registration or show has been cancelled. 

The automated payouts are supported for the following event statuses: registration open, registration closed, show is cancelled. For changes done in registrations in LIVE, show ended and results published statuses the payouts should still be initiated by the organiser. 

For organisers

1. Sending information on suspensions from competitions and debts in shopping basket to EQUIPE APP

Organiser can check the suspensions and debts in shopping baskets directly from EQUIPE APP. When new rider or horse is searched for from Equipe APP, the information on suspensions and debts will be provided in the following format: Column Licence -> suspension or has debts will be shown after person´s / horse´s licence number.

In case person has debts, please guide her/ him to pay the debts before doing a new registration! 

2. Support to individual marking sheets in Dressage results

When exporting results from Equipe APP or adding results from result edit interface, it is possible to specify an individual marking sheet for result that might be different from the marking sheet for a class. An individual marking sheet, if specified, will be used for qualifications´ and rankings´ calculations. 

Individual marking sheet, if different from the marking sheet for a class, is shown in the results protocol as well as in results on athlete´s and horse´s profile. 

3. Small change in sending the horse/pony categories to Equipe APP when importing entries

When no section is selected in registration form or class settings, the category is sent to Equipe APP based on the horse´s/pony´s type in KIPA. If horse - H, pony 1 - 1, etc. 

4. Distance field (number of kilometres) added to Endurance class data model 

The number of kilometres can be used to calculate the distance-based ranking points and/ or in statistics. 

5. Possibility to add results for up to six gates/ loops in Endurance results protocol

Additional gates / loops added to results protocol. Number of gates can be specified in the external results form as well as in the form for adding results in KIPA. When results are exported from Equipe APP, all gates will be exported automatically. 

Please specify the number of gates before adding the results, by default the number of gates is 3:

6. Function to detect a new class (added in Equipe APP), add class to KIPA or ignore it when publishing results

When exporting results from Equipe APP to KIPA it might happen that organizer has added some new classes to Equipe APP that were not existing in KIPA. This can be done for example for section B (a class with a separate ranking, different fees structure and different judgement) or splitting or combining a class. A new class in Equipe APP might also be needed, when organizing a competition on ad hoc basis or rearranging the existing classes. 

When the results are brought back to KIPA, such new classes will be shown in red box in the results´ interface: 

There are two options to resolve such situation: 

1. Create a new class, by pressing on a green button. For a new class you would need to specify the level, difficulty level, judgement and also fees. When class is created the results would be published automatically. There will be no need to re-export them. 
2. Ignore a new class, by pressing on a red button "Ignore". When ignored, the class will disappear from the missing classes list and results will not be published nor visible anywhere. Please note that you cannot bring back an ignored class. 

Missing classes should be resolved to get the results finally published for the whole show.

7. Cancel class 

The feature allows to cancel the whole class, select the reason for cancellation (will be used internally for administrative purposes) and by cancelling a class unregister all registered entries and put the entry fees to returns balance. Based on the reason for a cancellation, the organiser would in some situations need to cover the SRL fees in the amount of 3 EUR per start. The basis for 3 EUR charge are the same as in case of cancellation of the whole show. 

To cancel class go to show´s page -> Dashboard -> Actions -> Cancel competition

Type in the code of a class (to confirm that the action is correct) and select the reason for cancellation. It is also possible to add a comment explaining, why the class was cancelled.

Please note, when class is cancelled, all entries will be unregistered and cannot be restored! All entry fees will be put to the return´s balance of the payers and will be returned. 

You can cancel class at all stages of the show, except for "results published". If you publish results for the class, it cannot be cancelled. 

8. Classes and products lists are hidden from KIPA´s public view before the registration is open

Still the general details of the show remain publicly available, including the difficulty levels and competition levels of the show as set in the schedule. 

Example of how the not logged in user or logged in rider sees the schedule of the show that is approved to calendar schedule is proposed, but show is still not open for registration:

The same show as visible to the organiser or KIPA administrators: 

Other changes and improvements

1. In showing results, the historical horse´s sport name has been taken into use. The horse name for the moment of competition is stored under the result data model and displayed in results. When horse´s sport name will be changed (i.e. by a new owner) the former name would stay in the results´ records. 

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