Release notes July 2021

In July, we continued focusing on features for show organisers. The first version of Dashboard with statistics for registration process and overview of classes has been introduced. The process of importing results from Equipe APP to KIPA and managing results in KIPA has been reviewed and several changes done to improve the organisers´ user experience. Please check also other changes, including adding lower level classes to show after its acceptance to calendar, automatic switch of the prize money payouts data collection and other useful features. 

For organisers

1. The first version of dashboard to monitor and manage classes´ settings released 

The dashboard is available for organisers and is meant to monitor and manage the registration process for competition classes. 
The dashboard is composed of the following parts: 

A. Statistical overview of the registrations for the show: 

In the table for registrations started, the summary of the started registrations, i.e. registrations that have not been paid yet, is presented. On the picture above, there are 18 entries that are not paid and confirmed yet. Registration confirmed represents statistics for the number of athletes, horses, pairs and entries that are confirmed. 

After results are published, the confirmed entries definition would include entries with positive outcome (resolution is "participated") and all withdrawn, changed or no show entries would be shown under the respective category. Please see the picture below: 

B. List of classes with statistics and possible actions, including setting max limits, locking, editing and when possible splitting the class or deleting. 

The classes that do not accept registrations any more, incl locked classes or classes with max limit reached are shown on red background. It is possible to select all classes or several classes for a competition day and lock or unlock the classes for registration. We have also added a counter for number of athletes, horses and pairs in confirmed registrations for a competition day in addition to a total number of confirmed entries. 

2. Automatic confirmation of all correct results after import from Equipe APP

After organizer checks and imports the results from Equipe APP to KIPA, all correct results are confirmed and published automatically. The correct results are results that pass the automatic validations, i.e. licences checks for a rider and a horse. When all entries have correct results, the whole class is marked as published. When at least one entry requires attention (validations failed or no result entered for a valid registration, i.e. the status of entry is "unclear"), the class will be marked as "not published" and would require organizer´s attention to solve the issues. 

Please check the status of the classes after exporting results to KIPA and ask for help from the technical support team if you are not able to solve the issues with results. The status for results publication for a competition class is also shown to users and visitors of the site.

Results edit mode for organizers: 

Results page view for users and visitors: 

Organizers will automatically see the results page in edit mode and if needed switch to public view to check how results look like for users. 
For each competition organisers would see the statistics on the approved number of starts and placed (the same as in published view), the number of unclear results (entry without result or resolution) and the number of entries that cannot be confirmed because of failure of validations - entry or results doesn´t comply with federation rules or there are some technical issues (i.e. pending payment confirmation). 

Under Actions, we introduce a new function allowing mass confirmation of results, including marking all unclear results as "participated", "changed", "withdrawn" etc. 

The feature works as following: 

Step 1: Press on the green button under competition. 

Step 2. Choose the resolution for all unclear entries and press Confirm

For each resolution we will also show the implications for finances, i.e. in case of changed - all fees will be returned. 

Step 3. If needed, add results or correct resolutions for specific entries as usual. 

This feature would be very helpful for clinics organizers and disciplines that do not have Equipe APP support allowing quickly confirming all participants in clinics or shows (mark all as participated) and then adding the results (scores, ranks etc) to each individual entry. 

3. Logical changes to Equipe APP - KIPA results import and results management in KIPA

The following changes have been implemented and released: 

- Prevent overwriting results when exporting them again from Equipe APP after updating manually in KIPA. When organiser has changed result in KIPA, i.e. marked the result as voided (there is no such resolution in Equipe APP) or changed the scores for result, when results are exported again from Equipe APP, the changes done by organiser would stay and wouldn´t be overwritten. 

- Double entry support added to results export. Under some circumstances the same rider / pair combination can participate several times in one class, i.e. if allowed by a judge or as a training competition. The logic of results´ export has been reviewed and updated to cover also such cases and to create two entries or more entries for the same class for the same rider / horse combination. In KIPA, it is still not possible to register twice for the same class, but now there is a possibility to cover this case when double entry is added from Equipe APP side. 

- The fields "number of starts" and "number of placed" in results edit interface for organisers are made more dynamic. It is possible to remove the added / edited value and to switch to automatic calculation. Also when results are updated, i.e. some entry marked as participated or changed, the fields are reloaded in real time. 

4. Adding lower level classes to already published shows

A new feature added to the show management: now it is possible to organisers to add the lower level competition level under already published shows. This would help covering the cases, when national or regional show has been initially approved and published by the discipline national or regional committee and organiser decided to add lower level classes to the show´s schedule. Organiser can now do this by changing the selection of classes in show edit form. 

On the picture below the initially approved levels were regional and national and organiser can add club level, if needed. 

On the following screenshot, the initially approved level is club level, and there is no possibility to add any levels to the show as club level is the lowest possible level: 

This improvement applies only to sport events, the training type of events can be changed without restrictions by organisers. 

Administrators have all permissions to manage the competition levels as previously.

5. Automatic activation of prize money data collection

A feature for automatic activation of prize money data (IBAN, name and ID of prize money receiver) has been released. The flag for collection of prize money data is raised if in at least one competition there is either a prize money distribution or total sum of prize money marked. Please note that textual field is not taken into account: 

This feature helps decreasing the mistakes by organisers forgetting switching ON the prize money data collection for their shows, where prize money is planned to be paid out. 

In addition to this change, an option to add prize money payout details to registration form has also added to the rider´s shopping basket. When prize money details are not set, there will be a link to registration form with a possibility to add the missing details: 

We will further work on the UI side to make the obligation to add prize money payout details more explicit for users. 

Other changes and improvements

- Allowing paying for shopping baskets in all event statuses. As there might be some issues with publication of results that would take time to solve, the payments for late entries are now allowed also in event ended and LIVE statuses. 

- In Products dashboard, filtering based on "paid at" timestamp added to allow sorting the products based on, when the payment has been done and product´s purchase confirmed. Select "Paid at" under the first filter, check the payment date and time under the "paid" badge in the last column "Status"  in products´ table. All not paid products will be shown in the end of the list. 

Formatted masterlists for Western and Icelandic shows

Western and Icelandic do not have Equipe APP support and some of the shows are run using excel for managing starting lists and results. A formatted excel exports were developed for these disciplines. 

They can be accessed from the Masterlist - click on download entries - excel special format.

As an outcome, you will get a formatted excel with all starts marked per class and other important information. 

For federation 

1. Possibility for configurations of accessibility of classes and products before registration for a show is open

Federation can ask for a special configuration regarding the accessibility of classes and products to users and visitors before the show is open for registration. If requested by federation, in KIPA we can start using the new configuration that implies limited accessibility of schedules and products before opening the registration. In new configuration, there teh general public wouldn´t have access to classes and products. Only organisers and administrators would see the classes and products planned for a show. 

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