Release notes May 2021

In May, we mostly focused on small improvements in the show management domain aiming at more flexibility in managing the show´s finances and improving the feature for limiting registrations and purchasing products.

For organisers

1. Limiting number of entries and products - blocking payments when limit is reached

For shows and clinics that use payments service, the registrations´ limitation feature has been improved as following: 
- when the number of paid and confirmed entries per day, per competition or product is reached, the user is not able to pay for the entries in the shopping basket; all not paid entries will be automatically unregistered after the registration deadline;
- the user will see the  following message in the shopping basket: 

- In the text of the message, we will display also the contact e-mail of organiser for this event inviting users to contact organiser if they would like to be added to a waiting list (in case there will be withdrawals and some spots will become vacant).

NB! There might be situations, when the payments for registrations are done simultaneously, for very popular shows or classes  we advice to set limit 2-3% less than the real capacity to be able to have a cover for so called edge cases. For example, in case of 250 max capacity, it is advisable to set the max in KIPA to 245. 

2. Different payment options for competition classes

- In some cases, i.e. team competitions or combined classes, there might be a need to collect entry fees outside the system. For example, by issuing and invoice to a team sponsor. To manage such cases, we have introduced an option to apply the "paid externally" regime for the whole class. Organiser will collect the fees, including the federation fees. Note the federation fees will be deducted from the organiser´s revenue. If there are not enough funds, the organiser will need to top-up the event balance to be able to pay the fees to federation. 

- As default, the class has always "fees are paid online" option selected. To change the payment option, go to Edit/Add class form and click on "additional options", change the payment option for "Fees are not collected online from participants" and save the class.

3. "Paid externally" option for entry when confirming the results

In some cases, an organiser might accept payments for late entries externally or decide that no payment will be taken from a participant (i.e. in case of so called wild cards or previous wins) or would like to invoice participants. This new feature will help to address such cases. 

How the feature works: 

- When the results are transferred from Equipe APP and confirmed, for all entries that are not paid, organiser will see the money-button: 

- Click on the button, select the payment option and leave a comment. The comment will be stored in the system for future reference.

- After that the entry will be marked as "paid externally" and shopping basket of the person will be recalculated. All payables will be removed.
- The organiser´s revenue will be charged with the federations fees as it is assumed that organiser has also received the federation fees outside the system and would need to transfer them to federation. 
- Please note that after publication of the results, the automatic letters to payers (informing of the obligation to pay the late entry fees) will be send out at night next day. It is important to mark the externally paid entries before this automatic procedure. Otherwise the payers will get payment obligation notifications.
- Organizer can change the settings back to the original. After the entry is paid, the settings cannot be changed any more. 

4. Improvements in adding the alerts to show (in add/edit event form):

- it is possible to add a link to alert field;
- a counter of symbols added to prevent too large texts that wouldn´t fit into desktop and mobile versions. Overall ca 200 symbols is the max length.

The following alert will be shown when the length is exceeded: 

5. Formatted masterlists for Driving and Vaulting shows

Driving and Vaulting do not have Equipe APP support and some of the shows are run using excel for managing starting lists and results. A formatted excel exports were developed for these disciplines. 

They can be accessed from the Masterlist - click on download entries - excel special format.

As an outcome, you will get a formatted excel with all starts marked per class and other important information: 

For Federation Administrators

1. Roles-based configurations for People search page
Upon request from the data controller (SRL), configurations have been done to restrict access to users´ accounts from People search interface. Organisers can search only for users with active professional qualifications, active roles, licences for the current season and/or registrations. TPJ can search search for users with valid licences, professional qualifications or roles. Other users´ accounts do not appear from search. 

2. In the reporting form for the results from abroad, some extra fields were added: possibility to add a link to results and a notes´ field for an applicant. The notes´ field can also be used by administrator to add and save notes before approving the application.

3. API has been developed and provided to Avoine to sync the athletes´ licences. Licences will appear in the e-services for clubs and their members.

4. Possibility to configure and schedule the automatic payout of returns 

Federation can decide on whether the automatic payouts of returns should be activated and taken into use. At the moment the payouts are configured to be processed manually by organiser after the results are published or show cancelled. In automatic mode, the payouts will be scheduled for next night after money has been put to returns account, i.e. after person has cancelled the registration or show has been cancelled. Federation can choose also on the event statuses, when automatic payouts will be implemented. The supported statuses are: registration open, registration closed, event is canceled. 

5. Several new translation keys added to translation environment, including keys for new feature and for validation errors. 

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