Release notes April 2021

Two larger features released: full Equipe APP integration support for team classes and multiple registrations for the same athlete / horse combination. The former enables splitting the payment for classes between several users. Results quick filter to search added to the landing page - it helps saving 7-8 clicks for users looking for recently published results and especially appreciated by users of mobile versions. 


1. Quick filter for published results per discipline

A quick filter has been added to the landing page in desktop and mobile versions to make search for recent shows with published results easier. Click on a discipline icon to get to Calendar with preselected filters: 

- only sport levels are selected, clinics excluded; 
- past two months are selected in the time filter; 
- only shows with results published online selected. 

2. Improvement on athlete´s and horse´s profile results section 

- Showing of athlete´s club and region in competition results on athlete´s profile. This improvement will make the check of historical data easier. For each results the club and region of the athlete at the moment of competition is shown. 

- Redirect flows allowing to navigate from results on athlete / horse profile to show results and back to profiles. To see other pairs´ results in the class, click on show name - this would guide you to the show page with the class results´ already open. When navigating back to athlete´s or horse´s results, all filters´ selections will be kept for you. 

- Filter to search for team competitions added to athlete´s and horse´s results section. For team competitions, both team and individual rank will be shown. Data on team competitions (name of a team, rank) is also added to excel export file from athlete and horse profile. 

3. Improvements to Vaulting registration form 

- hints to registration form fields added to explain the logic of the form (when the team name, second, third etc athletes should be added)
- if person has no delegations and rights to register other persons, only one field for athlete is shown during registration
- name of the team is not compulsory any more (as it is requested only for team and pair registrations)

For organisers 

1. Multiple registrations for athlete/horse combination 

The primary use case for this feature is when there is a need to split payments for the same athlete/horse combination between different payers. For example, horse´s owner would like to pay for class 2 and athlete would like to pay for classes 5 and 10. After the first registration is done (for example, for class 2) and the second user starts registering to the same show, in the registration form, she/he will see that the class 2 is locked. The second user can add the rest of the classes. The delegated rights are needed to have multiple registrations for the same show. 

Example of how the already registered class will be shown in the second or consequent registrations: 

2. Choosing the payer / registration responsible person 

Organisers and federation administrators can choose the payer / responsible person when initiating the registration by themselves. When payer / registrant person is different from athlete, the payment for the entries and products will be directed to the payer / registrant person shopping basket. This feature can be used to handle the following cases: 

- For late entries (done in the system before importing entries to Equipe APP), a parent or horse owner or sponsor of athlete can be chosen as payer / registrant person if so requested during the late entry announcement (when person contact the club administrator). 

- To solve special cases, when sponsor or horse owner asks to make the registration on his/her behalf (for example, when sponsor would like to pay for the whole team´s starting fees). In such cases the organiser can assist with registrations and for all athlete/horse combinations select the requested payer. 

When payer should be different from athlete, remove the athlete name from payer field and search by person registration number or by name for a new payer. Note that in case of similar names, it will be safer to use registration number to avoid mistakes. The payer / registrant person can be changed only in new registrations, there will be no possibility to change the payer after registration is saved for the first time.

3. Team competitions integration with Equipe APP

This feature applies for team classes in dressage, jumping and eventing. Add the class as usually and mark it as team class in the settings. Collect fees as usually (per pair).

For competitions marked as "team" competitions, the following adjustments has been done: 

- During the registration to the team class, a team name is asked. The team name can be typed in or selected from the list of teams already entered for this show and from previous teams for this athlete/horse combination. The short name of club will be offered as one possible version for club name. These defaults will help avoiding the mistyping of team names by team members. Still it will be good to add to special provisions a message that team name should be identical for members of the same team. 

- In participants list (the list by class), the teams composition will be shown before the main list: 

- The name of the team for each team class entry will also be shown in masterlist and for athlete and horse in the Upcoming section on their profiles: 

- Transfer results to Equipe APP as usually. In Equipe APP, all teams will be created for you and athletes placed under correct teams. While making changes to starting list, organizer can add new teams or change the athletes´ teams. 

- Export results, review and approve results work as usually. After being approved, the results will be shown as a breakdown per team with individual result for each pair. 

4. Club logos in Equipe APP 

In Equipe APP, the logo service has been configured to enable matching the logos stored in Equipe APP with the clubs in the Federation system. Logos are showed in both Equipe APP and Equipe Online services. If the logo of a club is still missing, organizer should log in to Equipe APP, go to the club page and drag and drop the logo to the left upper corner (before the club name). The logo will then be automatically used for all shows and for club members of this club, when they participate in shows. 

Please note that the logos will not be shown for athletes of the clubs that do not have Equipe APP account or have no logo added to their account in Equipe APP.

For system administrators

1. Categorization of competition levels (shows / clinics) added allowing in the future adding more quick filters and functionalities. Function has been used to enable the results quick filter on the landing page - to allow selecting only sport events and excluding all other levels that are used for trainings. 
2. Filter "Regions" added to the People search interface allowing for searching for athletes or officials belonging to clubs under certain region. This filter can be helpful in searching for officials when somebody is looking for official for the show in her/his region. 

3. Possibility to make public/visible user´s contact data (e-mail and phone). Publication of contact data (e-mail or phone number) are now configurable. User can check ON the check-boxes under their profile if e-mail or phone number should be visible for all. This function can be used by officials or club administrators if they wish to publish their contacts for public use.

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