Release notes February 2021

In February, we have released user interface improvements for mobile version of the system and focused on show management features for organisers. SRL administrators started using the new reporting functions. 

Usability improvements 

  • The following user interfaces for mobile were updated: 
    • show page
    • registration form
    • registration success form and upcoming competitions 
    • shopping basket and payment history
  • We have also designed and produced four banners for logged out view as placeholders:
    • we tried to use the photos of Finnish athletes or/and horses that have been successful in sports during the last season
    • more banners for other disciplines can be produced provided there are quality photos of high resolution submitted to us 

For organisers

  • Organisers and shows or schedules´ approvers can add add notes when managing the show lifecycle, i.e. proposing or approving or declining schedule:

    STEP 1: add a note

STEP 2: propose, approve or do any other action with the show
STEP 3: notes will be added to the dialogue box for reference and will be sent to organiser or/and approver by e-mail (as part of the notification message)

If no actions available,  leave a note for reference.  This note will stay in the dialogue box and will not be sent to any user. 

  • Daily limit for entries was added. If daily limit is set the registration stops for this day after the number of confirmed (paid) entries reaches the limit. Daily limit works also in combination with limits per class, you can set class specific limit together with a daily limit. To set a daily limit, click on edit button, set up the limit and save. 

  • Limit for number of products was added. When limit for product is set, the booking is terminated after the number of confirmed (paid) products has reached the limit. The maximum number of products is set in the add/edit form for products:

Athletes will see special notifications when registering to classes with max limits or booking products with max limits asking to make the payment asap as the number of places in a class or products is limited. 

  • The data export logic of entries´ and products´ prices from KIPA to Equipe APP has been improved:
    • we send only those entries and products´ fees that doesn´t require payments in FIPA. For example, if product is just for booking - we send the prices to Equipe, as payment should be done in show office;
    • the same logic applies for the whole show, if show doesn´t use payments, we send all prices for entries and products to Equipe APP for fees to be collected at show office. If payments are used, we send only to Euqipe APP reservations only products. 
  • Based on feedback, the editing of the class name (i.e. prix de...), description and maximum number of entries is allowed to organiser also when registration to show is ongoing. 

For SRL administrators

A reporting solution introduced to monitor the sports related KPIs.

The reporting functionality includes:

  • Ability to add new reports to report viewer in Backoffice. Reports can be linked as a file, embedded or added as a reference to some external web site. 
  • Data models and integration solution for the service to produce and disseminate the BI products.
  • 12 standard dashboards to monitor finances, sports activities, performance of athletes and horses in sports, training activities and other issues. 

All dashboards include:

  • Graphics presenting the data in visual form: 

  • Pivot tables with main metrics for discipline, region, competition level etc. All pivot tables has an option to export data to excel or csv.

  • Raw data that can be exported to excel or csv for additional data analysis: 

  • All dashboards have a filters section with main parameters that can be used in data search. 

The same platform and approach is planned to be used also for public dashboards and for reports for athletes, clubs and horses.

Other improvements

  • Showing club membership when buying a competition licence improved. The system sync data from SENSE and shows in addition to membership type also the club name in brackets, all clubs with active membership are shown: 

  • The flow for clubs that do not allow their members to purchase a licence was improved - when club administrator selects a licence and presses Check-out provided that athlete should pay for a licence, the success message is shown without redirect to athlete´s shopping basket. This would help avoiding confusion when club administrator has no actual access to athlete´s shopping basket. 
  • Club membership payment check activated when registration to shows or clinics is done.
  • Several improvements have been done to data exchange service with SENSE allowing syncing club membership payments done online.  
  • In backoffice, payouts page, an additional status for payouts was added - processing. This status will help tracing problematic payouts that didn´t get final confirmation from STRIPE. 
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