Release notes January 2021

In January, we focused on revamp of some of the administrative features in horses´ and event management domains. Some earlier released features have been improved. 

For organisers 

  • The first version of vaccinations checklist for events´ organisers have been released. The list is generated after the registration is closed. All horses with national vaccination course marked as check need are invited to present their passports for vaccination control as well as 1/3 of randomly selected horses from the list of horses who have their vaccinations "green" in the system. Vaccinations check-list can be uploaded as excel or csv file from Masterlist and in case Equipe APP is used, it is added as a special list under starting list and can be published together with starting list online or printed out and distributed among the participants.

Click on "Vaccinations checklist" in Masterlist to download an excel file or export all entries to Equipe APP: 

  • Automatic notifications (e-mails) have been implemented for different processes in event administration, including: 
    • Notification to PGJ, when schedule is proposed for publication
    • Notification for regional administrators, when event or schedule is proposed for publication or acceptance
    • Notification for national discipline administrators, when event or schedule is proposed for publication or acceptance
    • Notifications to person who proposed an event or a schedule that it has been accepted or declined 


  • Vaccinations course stage calculations have been improved by adding an exception for horses vaccinated with primary vaccines before 1.01.2009 (for national course) and before 1.01.2005 (for international course). In user interface, the two schemes are now traced separately as there are possibility that horse has valid vaccines for national competitions, but the same course is invalid for FEI competition.

  • Possibility for administrators to edit already created pony measurement was added, it is possible to add and edit height and add comment for internal use. 
  • Horse applications (pony measurements) can be edited by administrator before approval.
  • Applicant gets an automatic notification from KIPA, when horse application gets approved or declined by the administrator. Horse administrator can also add a comment to applicant that would be sent by e-mail when application is accepted or declined. 
  • Administrator can upload documents under horse profile, i.e. copies of FEI passport or other documents that should be saved for records. The feature can also be open for horse owners, in case the horse owner role would be taken into use.
  • Additional filters added to Horse applications dashboard to help searching for applicant persons and horses.

Other features

  • An option to download the Historical data (results, officials, FEI events) from past years has been added. Data can be downloaded in excel or csv format: 
  • We continued the development of the banners management and new spaces for mobile view have been added, including Horses and Organisations pages. 
  • Notifications for Landing Page can also now be managed as textual banners from Backoffice.

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